Wedding Stitch

$100.00 - $220.00
  • Wedding Stitch

Want a one of a kind art work of your family or as a gift?

You’ve come to the right place!

Each The BS Stitch cross stitch portrait is handmade special by me (Brooke), , just for you!
Your stitch will come framed in a hoop (hoop size depends on characters/background, 6” is typical), backed with neutral or coordinating fabric, and ready to hang or display.
*Upgraded hoop options are available but need to be talked about during ordering/ pattern stage!

This wedding stitch comes included with:
-2 family members
-text (name, date, small quote)
- heart, if requested
-flower add on (your choice of french knot topper or embroidery flower topper)

*If you would like an extra character included (after the included 2) The only figure that is free is a baby being held in the arms of a character, wrapper in a blanket.
*Additional characters can be added via the drop down menu. (Additional characters after 10 can be added using the ADD ON CHARACTER listing)

*If you would like an added detail (skyline, arch, tree, grass and flowers or other detail please add the listing for 'ADD ON ELEMENT'. (Must be purchased in order to be included in the stitch)
** If you order and decide after you would like an add on please order it and message me! I’ll take care of you!!



- Requested family members (pets count and are encouraged) and what order you want them in from left to right.

-Dress information- any details you don't want left out:

-Mixed media question- With dresses, sometimes a laying lace, tulle or beading would work amazing. Let me know if you would like to let me be creative or stick to the thread (cross stitch/embroidery).

-Bouquet information: (a good picture of this is great) Who is holding it, to the side. on the front? *My default is to match the floral topper to the bouquet. If there isnt a bouquet please let me know what colors you prefer.

- Text (Last name i.e. “The Sukos”/ Other wording i.e. “Our Family”/ or something specific and special to you! Please let me know if you would like certain font, otherwise I will pick what I think would look best.

- If you would ordered any ADD ONS please write that information here along with color ideas/requests.

- Preference on fabric color? Let me know! Typically I use white, off white, oatmeal or gray depending on the colors in the portrait.

-Is this a gift? And if so when will it be given? When can I post the final products to my social media? Would you like to be tagged?

-Can I use the reference photos as a 'before and after'. Faces would be covered unless requested that it is not needed!

**If you have an idea that is not currently listed, please message me and we can talk about specifics and options!

After placing your order, I will send you a message within 24-48 hours requesting additional information (if needed, after your email). You can send photos and information after ordering to speed up the process as well! If you don’t hear from me please email me at [email protected]

Please keep in mind that these are my artistic take on your photos and won’t be exact, but I will try my best. If you have a detail, hair color/style, skin tone, eye color/glasses etc that you do not want missed, please include that in a message with the photos. I also have a color chart I can email you to help choose skin tones, hair colors if requested! *My default eyes are black, other colors must be requested.

I reserve the right to post the final product on my social media, but will definitely work with you to not ruin any surprises!

Thank you so much for choosing me to create this custom piece for you!


Additional Information:
- Each Family portrait is custom, made to order, and therefore can currently take 2-8 weeks time spending on size of family as well as current order volume. If you need yours done in a hurry or have a specific time in mind, please let me know so we can arrange a special rush order request if needed.

- Any other questions, please message me! I am here to help and look forward to creating a loving and lasting family portrait for you and your family!